About us

CO.PRESS S.r.l. is a small engineering company that, for over thirty years, has carried out cold sheet moulding and assembly using presses. We produce components for the textile, automotive, automatic machines, construction, furniture, agricultural, medical, civil and industrial/civil window and door frame sectors; typically we perform machining operations on ferrous materials (steels generally), non-ferrous materials (copper, brass, bronze, aluminium) and plastics.

CO.PRESS was born in Faenza in 1981 with the goal of meeting qualified subcontractors’needs for large moulding companies.
The soul of the company is Gian Luigi Montanari and in June 2016 he broadened the shareholder base to Stefano Malavolti and Luca Montanari, former workers within the company.

CO.PRESS currently employs 19 members of staff: 3 shareholders, 2 administrators and 14 skilled staff.

The office is in the small industry zone in Faenza positioned over two working lots: a central headquarters and a local unit, which occupy a total surface area of almost 5,000 m2.

CO.PRESS has 100 to 400 ton presses especially for automated blanking, 30 to 300 ton presses for secondary machining operations, a small MIG and TIG welding workshop, and a space used as a storage warehouse of finished products managed by the Kanban system on client request. Proof of our high standards is certainly the workshop dedicated to the vibratory finishing and washing of internally manufactured products as well as everything received from clients as contract work.

The company is able to pre-emptively analyse the feasibility, costs and construction equipment required to meet the client's needs.
Thanks to our long experience, today we are setting ourselves increasingly encompassing objectives in order to create the ideal conditions needed to provide an ever more complete and top quality product for our clients.

Our professional approach and the quality of our products have attracted clients to CO.PRESS from beyond local and regional boundaries; in fact, we supply products to Germany, Spain, Turkey and Poland.

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